Mai Khao Beach

Situated on the north-west coast of Phuket in southern Thailand, this secluded beach is one of the few places on the island where you can truly get away from it all. With a full seventeen kilometers of virtually untouched sandy beach facing the Andaman sea and in the center of the Sirinat national park, Mai Khao beach is the perfect location for your dream holiday in the sun.

Rainbow at Mai Khao Beach
Evening at Mai Khao Beach


Until recently this was one of the few areas left on Phuket where the critically endangered,Giant Leatherback Turtles came to lay their eggs. Unfortunately there are fewer every year and you would be very lucky to see one now. However there are annual efforts to protect the beach in the nesting season between November and February to prevent the numbers of turtles from dwindling further. In April young hatchlings are also released into the sea at various locations during Songkran, the nationwide Thai water festival. The area is also home to a species of mole crab (Emerita Emeritus), which is known as 'Chakkachan Thale' or 'Sea Cicada' by the local people. They are fished from under the sand only in this locality. The body of this crustacean is oval with short legs, reminiscent of a crab. In many restaurants in Phuket, these 'Sea Cicadas' are among the secret delicacies that the visitor will be tempted to try, since they prove to be a tasty meal when fried in batter or as the ingredient of a spicy salad.

Emerita Emeritus
Water Buffalo Keeping Cool at Pru Jik

Natural Beauty

The many kilometers of deserted beach characterize Mai Khao where there is little tourist business. The water is fine for swimming during the dry season November to May and you are guaranteed temperatures in the 30's. Because of it's remote location, there is very little development along the beach, so if you are in search of a quiet and isolated beach for yourself, this is it. This beach is highly recommended for just relaxing, walking on the sand or combing the beach for shells. Swimming is ok during most of the high season when the waves are much smaller or even non existent. Unfortunately, most of Phuket is no longer the idyllic place that may be portrayed in some travel guides and brochures. A lot of the natural beauty of the island has been destroyed by expensive resorts and property developers which has also made Phuket one of the most expensive locations in Thailand. Despite the recent construction of several large concrete resorts in and around Mai Khao this beach is still the quietest in Phuket and a complete contrast to the crowded beaches further south. We always endeavor to protect our area including the beach which we inspect and clean daily. Please note that all photos displayed on this site are original, have not been modified in any way and are an accurate representation of the area. The beach is often described as 'pristine' which it certainly is not. During low season there can be a large amount of rubbish scattered around comprised mainly of plastic bags, shoes, fishing nets etc. However this should not spoil your enjoyment of this still beautiful part of Thailand. The best time to visit is from November to April when the sea is calm and there is very little rain.

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