About Seaside Cottages

Seaside Cottages & Restaurant was opened in November 2007 by Malcolm & Tiwawan Scott with a vision of providing a good quality, budget resort on the quietest beach in Phuket, Thailand.

Coconut Plantation
Construction of the restaurant

Early days

We opened originally as 'Seafront Camping & Restaurant' and catered, mainly for backpackers and budget travellers. We had no electricity supply and everything was powered by batteries which were charged by solar power and a small generator. Things were certainly basic at first but we found that there was still a market for good, basic accomodation at a fair price to travellers from all over the world.

Beach area
Seaside Restaurant and Beach Huts

Moving On

After closing for the monsoon season in May 2008 we travelled around England staying mostly on campsites, researching the different areas of running a successful resort. On our return to Thailand later that year we made a few changes to the Phuket resort firstly with a new name and improvements to our existing rooms and restaurant. We also updated our website and booking system to make it easier for potential customers to find us.

Seaside Cottages & Restaurant
Wooden Beach Huts

Seaside Cottages and Restaurant

The resort had taken quite a battering due to bad weather and some flooding so we decided to stay open for the following monsoon season in order to make improvements and carry out some essential maintenance. We also moved the wooden beach huts further back from the restaurant to comply with National Park regulations. These 'improvements' enabled us to remain open throughout the year whatever the weather. Some development further along the beach enabled us to take advantage of a new electricty supply and we also had a private road installed, which made us much more accessible.

Seaside Restaurant
Road to Seaside Cottages

Seaside Cottages Today

We have come a long way since the early backpacker days and have had to keep up with the ever changing requirements of the foreign traveller to Thailand. We have retained our original goals and still have only six rooms available. The accomodation is no longer as basic and all rooms are now en-suite. There are no fridges, air-con or tv in the rooms and no internet which we feel encourages people to talk to each other and make real friends instead of finding them on social networks. We have an extensive menu in our restaurant featuring Thai and Western food and local beer or fresh fruit smoothies.
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Standard Rooms at Seaside Cottages
Evening Sky at Seaside Cottages